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“Kids class is great fun!!!“

About Aikido Kokikai

Kokikai technique is a modern form of self-defense based on the Samurai arts of fighting. Our goal is to coordinate your mind and body to develop your “Strongest State of Excellence” through self-defense and ki (universal energy) development exercises.

Kokikai Aikido develops a different, natural kind of power that will allow you to become more powerful the longer you practice—regardless of your age, size, or physical strength. We work with you to help you become naturally stronger through practice with correct principles. You will learn to defend yourself against physically larger and stronger attackers and will walk off the mat calm, relaxed, and feeling great!

“Kokikai is not a dance or an art, but a martial experience”

In Kokikai Aikido we do not defend ourselves by fighting or counter-attacking. There is no hitting, sparring, kicking, or punching. When it is not possible to avoid a fight, we move out of the way of the attack. We use our natural power and the attacker's aggressive force against the attacker to throw or pin him on the ground. Our goal is to defend ourselves without necessarily hurting others.

This is how we defend ourselves against larger, stronger attackers! Truly, KOKIKAI AIKIDO has clear advantages over traditional martial arts. In traditional Martial Arts, a strong person always beats a less strong person. But in Kokikai Aikido, correct technique and feeling will always beat the strongest person.