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Grand Opening

December 13, 2011

The grand opening was Saturday, December 3rd, we are NOW up and running!

What makes us different.

The Aikido world has grown confusing: different instructors have widely divergent ideas about what constitutes “correct Aikido”. There are radically different philosophies, ideas and methods. People call one or another thing “Aikido”.

Aikikai beleive they practice “Ueshiba's Aikido”, Daito-Ryu Aiki-jujitsu now sometimes calls itself Aikido, and now Aikido is been mixed with other striking martial arts to become, almost unimaginably, “Combat Aikido”.

Soon after Ueshiba created Aikido, many of this senior students started their own organizations with different ideas of the fundamental principles of the art. There is Yoshinkai Aikido, Tomiki-Ryu Aikido, and Tendo Aikido, among many others.

We say “please resist!” while others say “don't resist”

In addition, some people teach Aikido who have only minimal training or have learned Aikido from books. Some instructors even hurt their own students, or weaker people, in the name of Aikido!

In the absence of competition to specifically define excellence, it's no wonder that what constitutes good Aikido is confusing. Some styles seem to have completely lost their martial sense, and are more like a dance then self-defense. Not attacking with logical attacks or not ever risisting each other.

This becomes clear when students of various styles attempt to practice together. With their core beliefs and ideas so different, it's very difficult to enjoy training together. We say “please resist” while other styles say “don't resist”.

We really need an extensive organization chart to trace each group's lineage in order to understand how they do or do not fit into the Aikido world.

Everyone feels that they are under Ueshiba, so such a claim is insufficient evidence to explain the origin or validity of a particular style. It is very clear that Maryuama Sensei can throw anyone of any size. You can try to apply all your force and none of your power effects him. Sensei demonstrates his lineage.

Instead of using the name Aikido by itself, we call ourselves Kokikai Aikido. Sensei Maryuama practied directly with Tohei Sensei (Chief Instructor under Ueshiba) and then directly with Usheiba. Maruyama Sensei is considered on of Usheiba's Major Students

We practice realistic attacks with logical resistance with effective technique. It's important for students to avoid confusion about the name Aikido. Some people still think that all Aikido is the same, but that clearly is not the case.