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Current Events:

Grand Opening

December 13, 2011

The grand opening was Saturday, December 3rd, we are NOW up and running!

Dennis Embert, Chief Instructor

Dennis Embert Sensei is a 6th degree black belt in Kokikai Aikido. He has be practicing Kokikai for over 28 years and is a direct student of Shuji Maruyama Sensei, Master of Aikido and the President and Founder of Aikido Kokikai International.

Embert Sensei is responsible for Aikido Schools across the United States in California, Washington, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, New Jersey,and Internationally in Russia.

Embert Sensei regularly gives Aikido Seminars across the Country and Internationally.

In addition to Aikido, Embert Sensei has a Masters Degree from Princeton University and has worked as a Researcher, Environmental Consultant, and Chemistry/Physics Teacher.

Amy Embert, Instructor

Amy J. Embert Sensei is a 4th degree black belt in Kokikai AIkido. She has been practicing Kokikai for over 17 yeares and is also a direct student of Shuji Maruyama Sensei, Master of Aikido and the President and Founder of Aikido Kokikai International.

Amy Embert Sensei is a Chief Instructor of Kokikai Silicon Valley, and one of the leading women instructors in Kokikai Aikido. Amy Embert Sensei Co-Founded Aikido Kokikai of Southern New Jersey, and Aikido Kokikai of Silicon Valley. She has done Aikido Seminars in Seattle Washington.

In addition to Aikido, Amy Embert Sensei has a Physics Degree and a Jurors Doctorate from Rutgers University works as a Intellectual Property Attorney.

Eduardo Chavez, Instructor

I've practiced in Aikido for several years in the San Francisco Bay Area and had the chance to practice with Maruyama Sensei for a year and a half in Nagoya Japan. It was a very humbling experience and hope to bring a lot of it to Kokikai Silicon Valley.

One of my favorite comments that Maruyama Sensei would always tell us is to "throw away one's impurities". To me it's an important message I take with me in and out of the Dojo.

See you on the mat!

Jonathan Piersa, Instructor

Jonathan Piersa currently holds a rank of 1st dan in Aikido Kokikai. He has been practicing Aikido for 6 years. Training started at RIT under Shawn Birmingham and Steven Perino. His training continued under Paul Gardner at Aikido Kokikai of Rochester. Upon graduating from RIT, he moved to California and trained under Robert Choy at Golden Gate Aikido Kokikai. Jonathan Piersa also holds a degree in computer science from the Rochester Institute of technology and works as a software engineer.