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Grand Opening

December 13, 2011

The grand opening was Saturday, December 3rd, we are NOW up and running!
Amy Embert Sensei
Demonstration a knife technique at Kokikai South Jersey

The practice of Kokikai Aikido not only helps us to develop ourselves, but the community around us. We founded Aikido Kokikai Silicon Valley with the belief that our practice should benefit ourselves and the community.

Our curriculum is based around building a meaningful and helpful practice group in order to ensure that we can all continue to benefit from our practice. Our classes consist of general instruction, along with paired practice. This practice by its very nature helps us to learn to work together in developing our understanding of Kokikai Aikido. Working with your partner on techniques allows for the transmission of experience and a recognition of the reliance we have on each other to develop ourselves.

Of course, practice is not limited to the mat. What use is practice if it can't be taken off the mat?

We maintain a schedule of on going events off the mat. This includes anything from practice at a local park, to participating in an environmental clean-up at the beach. We truly believe that a community is needed to help us reach our full potential, and events like these help us to make those relationships stronger.

So all this sounds great, but how do you it's THAT GOOD?

The best way to find out is to come and see for yourself! "The only way to know the difference between a pile of salt and a pile of sugar, is to try it." (Sensei)

Give us a call (408.800.AIKI) or stop by for a free class! All of our students and instructors will be more then willing to help with any information you need.