Children’s Class

Amy E.

“In Kokikai Aikido, women can throw just as well if not better then men can!“

Children’s Class


The goal of many martial arts is to "beat others before they beat you." Many children don't want to hit others, even in self-defense. In Kokikai Aikido we do not defend ourselves by fighting. There is no sparring. There are no hitting or kicking techniques. We teach children to avoid conflict.

When it is not possible to avoid a fight, we move out of the way of the attack. We use the attacker's aggressive force against him and throw or pin the attacker on the ground.

Our goal is to defend ourselves without hurting others. Teach your children to be more civilized than the people who would attack them using the Kokikai Aikido techniques they will learn in children's class.

What is a typical class like?

What are the benefits of class?

Kokikai practice centers around being relaxed, calm, and aware to achieve your strongest state (see Basic Principles). We combat stress through training our mind and body to relax during stressful situations (such as an attack).

This training directly helps students be their best in their daily lives. For example, at school this training helps students be calm, aware, and relaxed during stressful situations such as test taking or participating in class.

Other benefits of Kokikai training include: